Who is GuYDanS?

We want to see you free up both your time and your money. Start seeing the fruits of your labour by making profit a habit.

GuYDanS Consulting & Bookkeeping is here to help you see Profit First. As one of the few Profit First certified firms in Canada, our goal is to help you see more cash in the bank, reduce your stress over paying bills and free up your time to do what you do best.

As a family-owned Edmonton-based business, we at GuYDanS Consulting & Bookkeeping know what it’s like to have a vision to create a revolutionary space in the industry you’re passionate about.

GuYDanS is an Edmonton consulting and bookkeeping business, man working at his desk

Where Did The Name GuYDanS Come From?

GuYDanS is pronounced just like the word “guidance,” which reflects our passion to guide small business owners toward financial freedom. Our unique spelling of the word combines the initials of each of our founding members (a.k.a. family members), representing another of our core values: family. 


Profit First

The goal of your business isn’t to pay your expenses. It’s to make a profit.


Save Time

Save time and get your books organized so you can have time to run your business.


Gain Control

Stop letting your expenses rule your business and stress rule your life.


Work Less

Get a Profit First Professional on your team and make your business work for you.

Meet Our Team

We are an Edmonton based consulting and bookkeeping family-run business made up of professionals who are passionate about Profit First Advising. Come get to know us!

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