Shaune Allen Profile Picture, Advanced Certified Profit First Professional
Co-Owner & Managing Director

Shaune Allen studied Business Administration and Accounting in college and started doing compliance work when she and her husband moved to Edmonton in 1989 to purchase a franchise. This was where she had her first hands-on experience running an office, managing staff, and doing their company’s books under the tutelage of their accountant—when 24-column accounting books were “in.”

Shaune Allen

Shaune’s passion is to help business owners interpret their numbers, be proactive with managing their cash flow, and know where their money is going so they can keep more of it for themselves. This, in turn, reduces their money stresses and frees them to have a life outside their business!


Advanced Certified Profit First Professional

Certified ProAdvisor with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online

Certified Professional Bookkeeper with CPB Canada